Every tool that you need to create, collaborate and communicate with your team,
in only one integrated Suite of applications.


Word Processor

With this new and improved system and with simple UI, Zoho Writer places a group collaboration to the vanguard of work based on the cloud. Create and edit documents easily online. 

Analyze and Simplify.

Work with numbers and share complex tables easily.

The most intelligent way to tell stories.

Construct impressive presentations, let your team check them and transmit them in an intelligent way.


Storage everything online.

A place to create and storage all your works, load them from your email or computer and share them with your team.

Control the presentation and connect with the audience.

Control the presentation from your phone and let the audience interact with the presentation also from their phones.

Make your website function in minutes.

A platform to construct your website as easy as drag and drop. Create yourself landing pages.


A re-imagined email for a social world.

A place to where the style of communication in the social media has united inside of the businesses. Obtain the best of your email.

Content and communication in only one screen.

Talk at the moment with your colleagues, exchange documents and obtain a quick view of the documents, all in one screen.

Your work social place.

Project management can be fun, with a corporative social network.


  • mail
  • Includes everything of the Free +
  • Multiple Domains
  • *30GB Storage
  • 30MB Attachment Limit
  • docs
  • Includes everything of the Free +
  • 5GB Upload of Document
  • Integration with G Suit
  • connect
  • Includes everything of the Free +
  • Every benefit of Zoho Connect
  • Unlimited Personalized Apps
  • Personal Logo, Domain
  • Multiple Administrators


  • mail
  • Includes everything of the Standard +
  • *100GB Storage
  • 50MB Attachment Limit
  • docs
  • Includes everything of the Standard +
  • Group Collaboration
  • Advances Reports and Analysis
  • Audit
  • Personal Mark
  • connect
  • Includes everything of the Standard
Every plan includes the Basic Edition of Zoho Sites and the free edition of Zoho Chat.
*The storage capacity shares between Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs.

Mobile Apps

Carry your work place, anywhere and at any time.