Which needs we can cover to our clients and which ones we should refer?

When we attend clients they usually bring us a lot of needs. Necessities that we can cover and necessities that we do not know how to cover.

Then, what should we do?

We can only tell our clients: “we are sorry but we do not work with that particular.” This answer could be heard reasonable because we are being sincere with the client. A crass error would be wanting to work, the client’s need, something in what we does not have knowledge. In this practice we could overload, we should begin learning, etc. In addition and the most wearing part is that we could lose the client’s trust in us. This client will create a false expectation of our company. And much of the times we never accomplish the order of the client or we could be giving out a bad quality job.

Yes, telling the client “we are sorry we do not work with that particular” is a good answer but to our understanding is incomplete. Our client has a perception that we have a solution for every necessity. So we need to prepare to resolve them. Is for that reason that our recommendation is that you have a bank of trustworthy resources of industry related to yours. This will give you the advantage that when your client comes with a situation that your enterprise does not cover, you can refer it to other resource.

This does not means that other professional will work for you. We will only serve as a link.  This does not means either that we do not diversify because if your enterprise have the opportunity of expanding your services, this approach of the client will represent an oportunity.

Then the answer would be “we are sorry, we do not work with that particular, but we have some trustworthy resources that we can refer.” This will give more strength to the #relationB2C with the client. Our client will feel more confident in us because we are being sincere and at the same time are working their need undirectly.

We can begin creating and increase that resource bank realizing approaches to friends and known. In the same way realizing networking in the sites and events that we go. In this way the resources bank will increase. The information of those resources we can have it in our CRM.

Do not limit in the relationship with your client. Evaluate and Talk with us.