Effective Relationship

Let’s talk about our relationship with the client. We know that we are social beings therefore in all our environments exists a relationships. Familiar relationships, labor, couples relationships, etc. In the case of our enterprise or companies it exists the relationships with our clients. This relationship is the engine of our enterprise, is for this reason that we should understand it and dedicate time. Time that maybe our operation or our production consume us. But if we do not foster our relationships with our clients we can begin to disappear by the time.

Us like enterprises we can acquire clients because in any moment they will need a product or service. In that precise moment you were the enterprise and/or the individual that offered it. Or maybe you distinguish for your quality or speed.But not necessarily this opportunities or qualities always retain the client.

However, if we complement this abilities and opportunities with a strong relationship, a relationship of confidence, of transparency, we could be changing of being an enterprise or company to an institution. And I refer that we would be changing from an sporadic client to a loyal clientele to your enterprise. A clientele that besides staying next to me always, will convert in a promotion of your mark.

A lot of enterprises are very enfatice in the costumer service. What is the intention with that?, well strengthening the relationship with his client. But our relationship with the client does not start when the client bought my products several times or requested my services, even it does not start when he purchased for the first time. My relationship with my client begins with the first interaction that I make with the person. It is like when we met our couple, we count and get excited since the first time we saw each other or interacted for the first time. Even if years has past that moment is still exciting and strengthen what we feel for the other person.


Compromise relationship

Likewise it happens with our relationship with our client. Our client will feel more sympathy and will increase his compromise with our enterprise if we dedicate time and effort to strengthen our relationship.

How do we do this? Well, we need to know what have been our interactions with them (our clients), besucase we interact with them, if the first approach was made by them or by us, what are their needs, what needs can we cover and which can be referred. If we can obtain all this information and then we can interpret it you will have clients that not only will purchase your product or services but that will impulse others to do the same thing.

 You know your clients from the beginning and your clients will accompany you through the end.

-Edwin Castro

There will be useful tools that will help with that effort of knowing and interacting with our clients like the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Tools like CRM, tools of costumer service. Do not limit in the #B2Crelation with your client, for you to have a durable enterprise.

Evaluate what is missing and let’s Talk.