It exist a point in the life of your business that you have to recapitulate and realize an inventory not only of your products or services but also of your resources. Understand like personal, efforts, etc.

In some occasions the operation consumes us and we leave a gap where resources are filtering. Like when we have an escape in a tube of water. At the end of the month the bill have been raised without even noticed.

Of the same way our resources work. Day after day those resources escape and increase our spendings without knowing where is the fault.

Then, what we should do? Maximize

What does Maximize means?

Consist in taking advantage or exploding everything that is possible, certain resources or functions.

We need to allow for a moment that the operation do not consume and think in all the resources that we count with.

Make a list with all of them. Take note of even the smallest details.

Then analyze how you use each one of this resources.

What function has each of those resources in your procedures (on each of your processes).

Evaluate if you use those resources adequate.

Evaluate if you obtain the maximum of those resources.

If in the evaluation you notice that your processes does not go according to your resources or your resources with you processes, you are finding your escape.

In some occasions we want to make our tasks, projects or processes the same way that we have made it always. And we do not notice how fast our environment changes.

A philosopher said,

“This time of anxiety in which we live, is the result of trying to do today’s tasks with the tools of  yesterday”.

– Marshall Mcluhan-

Repare the escape of your business

Today there are many tools for your business. In the evaluation of your processes include or analyze the tools that you use and how these are coupled to the reality. If you notice that the tools you use are not adequate for today, begin to delete the ones that are not and to implement the ones that are more convenient for you so in this way the reparation of your business be effective.

This type of evaluation should be realized constantly since the speed in which the world is evolving is impressive. And if we do not evolve with it, we would only sell memories. There are various companies that help you optimize the processes of your business, they analyze or create your correct procedures.  Let’s Talk.