Shopify Configuration and Themes Personalizations

This option is very good for those persons that want to begin to sell online and the ones who would like to optimize their existent themes  to ones that adapt better to their mark.

What do we Include?


Theme or Template Selection

We provide you assistance for selecting a theme that adjusts to your need and we base your store around this theme. We ensure that the pages adapt to smartphones, tablets and computers.


Brand and Theme Configuration 

You will work with one of our designers to decide which will be the personality of your online store. You will be able to choose typography, colors palette, design and unique content to highlight from others.


Additional Characteristics

Using the developing time, we can include options that you consider necessary in order that your e-commence fulfill your expectations. These could be complementary options  and drop-down options for the selection of different currencies or highlight products.


Configuration and Optimization

The SEO is vital for the success of your e-commerce. Our developers optimize the codes of SEO for your page to have a higher range in Google. Also, we configure your Google Analytics account for you to monitor the activity of your e-commerce.


Products and Trainings Loads

We will upload the first 10 products to your store and will get sure to be easy for you to continue actualizing the content and that you can give maintenance to your store. This will be possible offering a complete training for one of our experts.


Mental Peace and Payments

We know that in the launching day, you desire that things run like they should. We will make some tests and we will guide you in the process, including the configuration of you paying portal.

Are you ready to begin?

Let us know what do you have in mind.
Contact us and we will begin along with you this new adventure.