Every enterprise knows that word of mouth advertising is the most effective one. Today we can find this same phenomenon in the social networks.

The social media appeal to make and talk with friends. Maybe with the rush for selling that we have as an enterprise, we begin to overwhelm our audience with offers, information about our products or our services. However, when we talk about social network, we try to identify those persons that for some reasons share an interest similar to mine. For example, we can have an interest in common because we studied at the same school, we are from the same place, we work on the same site, we have a friend in common, etc. So not necessarily posting good prices on my Fan Page I am going to acquire more prospects as we want.

The question is: How should I talk in the social networks? Moreover, How do they speak to me?

We should begin understanding the direction of each social network.

All the social networks have targets; they have a population sector to which they go direct. Also, each social network is focused on something specific.

Facebook appeals to revolve in social topics, investigation or an event. The purpose of Facebook is putting a message that provokes another person to share it, likes are good, but we are looking for those shares.

Instagram some things that have passed at the moment or pictures that reflect a feeling or thought, it should be more direct.

Twitter is trending topics, whether it is that something occurred in the country; also you can post thoughts that make people could be related to, so they could re-tweet.

Now you should know which social network you should focus.

How do I talk in the social networks?

The first thing is to reflect who are we as a company. If you want someone to be your friend you should show him who you are so the could identify with you, in this case as an enterprise.
You should identify with the population you would like to reach, their interest and in that way talk to them in the social media.

How do they talk?

This advantage that social media gives us is almost insuperable. What they tell us. With the social networks dynamic feedback, we can know our friends and followers. At the level of understanding which could be the preferences, how frequent they see us, etc.

If we could know details from our friends and followers, we can be more effective at the time of posting our advertisements. Without mentioning the capacity that they provide of doing our marketing and get our conversations (Strangers – Visitants – Followers – Clients – Promoters of our mark)

For this reasons we said that there is a social media dialogue because we talk and people could answer. We recommend that you take advantage of these conversations and this way of interacting.
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