We love when you sell, when your online stores are successful and that you have clients that recommend your products. That is why we are always trying to share new selling strategies and techniques that generate conversions and invite you to continue expanding your business.
In previous occasions we talked a little of the cross selling, but in this occasion we want to dedicate more time to explain what they are, how do they generate and which are the benefits for your business. It is an excellent opportunity to generate conversions, so we hope you can implement this selling technique and begin to see favorable results.

What is cross selling?
As a client, without noticing you have been exposed to this sales in various occasions and maybe, until you have been convinced of spending more money of what you have planned.

Everything starts from the first selling to a client. That is the point where you should have a technique that make that client return and continue consuming your products. Inside your client retention strategy and marketing, you can include cross selling actions, since it foresees an excellent growing and positioning opportunity for your online store.

The technique of cross selling has an objective of increasing of products that a buyer is disposed to acquire, Throughout the presentation of another product complementary to the one that has been added to the shopping kart. Generally this selling technique is used for related products, but you can try how it works with some products more risky and see the reaction of your market towards them.

Why considering the cross selling technique?

In the e-commerce, as in other products commercialization media, it is important to generate ideas so that the costumers, either new or actual, have a constant interest to acquire your products. We know that probably now you begin to feel that cross selling is the selling technique you need, but we do not want you to hurry up before having the necessary information to make this decision.

Opening the offering of other products
It is good that the products you use for this type of sales are completely related, but since it could be very flexible the definition of “relationship”, it does not necessarily have to be complementary products. Remember that the client maybe does not know how to use your product and if you share new and creative ways of doing it, he will thank you with recommendations. In the traditional marketing and publicity, a product was created to satisfy a necessity that maybe on that moment it did not existed.
Improves your mark’s image
If the client feels you are worrying for him, surely your reputation would be positive and generate traffic of people that by recommendation want to know who you are and what do you have to offer them.
Generate fidelity to your mark
Your clients say with you either for the prices or for the products you offer, for the costumer service you have with them or because constantly creating promotions that respond perfectly to their needs. That is precisely what you will make if you implement cross selling.
Help with segmentation of the market
Making cross selling functions as a tool to capture and segment the behavior of your clients. It is natural the in the beginning you does not know well what type of product they prefer but after the second or third purchase, and with the help of cross selling, you will understand which are the tendencies that will impact him most, and with that you can create marketing actions.
Works like A/B tests
You can use this selling technique to prove what products work as the segments of market that you had already predetermined. Depending on the results, realize changes and remember that this type of sales allow you to experiment with products that maybe would not bo so related.

Tips for using cross selling
1. Personalize your offers
In the e-commerce, the personalization has become essential to the success. Making the ad more specific and personalized makes the client feel that you are talking directly to him, so try to have speech that even though the client name is not written, it is thought and written of a way that feels that is direct communication.
It is very different to promote a product that says “Recommendations” to “Recommendations for you”; including “For you” makes the cross selling effective.
2. Make them visible and relevant
It is important that the recommendations that you make are visible and appear in an important part of your page. If you make this advertisements at the bottom of the page, probably you are going to loose a sale, because the client does not usually bothers to look a product page to the end.
The recommendations appear immediately after the specifications of the product, it have more probability that the client would get interested for some “complementary” products and stop his shopping to see if he can include any on his shopping kart.
3. Include products of lower cost
Surely you have entered to a convenience store or supermarket and you have noticed that exactly in the cash register section, their are a series of products that could be from your interest but a lower cost of what surely you have in your kart. Yes, also in the physical stores the cross selling technique is used.

Try that the products related that you recommend in your virtual store, be of less cost to the product that the client has selected, since he is willing to pay a more elevated cost, sure a product of less cost would not affect. For example, in a pet shop, if the client has decided to purchase food, you can recommend treats like a carnage, cookies, or maybe a plate for the pet.
4. Motivate your clients
Including the product does not means you are motivating the client. By personalizing the advertisements of cross selling, you increasing the probability that the client would get interested for at least knowing the products that are recommended, even if not necessarily means that he will buy it. You should use more persuasive sale tactics and two of our recommendations are: including reviews of the products and use the loyalty products.
The reviews of a product serve as social tests, that we know that generate a great influence in the costumers. A person feels much more confortable acquiring a product that another has approved and could recommend, that is why it is moment to pull out testimonials of satisfied costumers and create with them advertisements to generate cross selling.
On the other hand, the loyalty programs are related with points that accumulated can generate benefits for the client. If when purchasing any of the products that belong to your cross selling techniques you offer your clients benefit points, then you will boost them to purchase that product that for a future, this purchase will help to obtain another benefit.
Apps to realize cross selling
You can begin to implement this sales technique as soon as possible. In our app store you could find related apps that will help you to have cross sellings directly on your Shopify store. Some of our recommendations are:

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By: Andrea Sánchez / Shopify