Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Charm EHR is a system of Electronic Health Record based on the cloud, this product allows you to create and
manage records of patients in a secure and easy way from your browser.

  • First 50 Encounters for Free

  • Ads Free

  • Only Pay for What You Use

  • Easy to Use

  • No Installation Charges

  • Available and Secure

  • HIPAA and HITECH Act Compliance

  • MU Certification

  • Ready with ICD-10

  • Charm Tele-Consultations

Other Characteristics

Charm Tele-Consultation

The future of medical consultations is here!

  • Secure and HIPAA Law Compliant

  • Integrated Solutions

  • Improve Your Patients Care

  • Configure Your Own Plans

  • Include Legal and Accomplishment Documents

  • Interact with Your Patient