In Puerto Rico we lived a massive blackout this days. This because a combination of things that is not worth abounding in this moment. But yes, I would like to abound in one of the aspects, and is in the businesses processes. The blackout that we suffer, is mostly the result of lack of effective processes. Even when it is uncomfortable we should learn even from negative situations.

Then, ¿What did we learned from this BLACKOUT?

Maybe in the first thing we think is in the physical preparation. Like having electricity on your business, among others.
But the teaching I want to share with you is focused in the essence of your business. The focus is in the process of YOUR business, the why, the how, and the when do you perform it. You could think in that maybe you don not count with the process. Everything that you do in your business are processes even when they are not defined.
Hereunder I will mention some points to learn to define and/or create them.

So that your business those not have a BLACKOUT:

  • We should have inside our businesses stablished and defined processes in each area:
    • Sales
    • Publicity and Marketing
    • Finances
    • Costumer Service
    • Human Resources (even if it is a business of only one person)
    • Production
  • Each one of this areas should be united through processes.
  • The processes should generate plans.
  • Each area should have plans as much as predictive, preventives, and reactives.
  • The processes should count with tools for their execution. Maximize your resources with innovative tools.
  • Try that the tools that you use adapt to your processes and not that you adapt your processes to some tools.
  • The processes should be evaluated constantly.
  • This processes should be shared with all the personnel.
  • There are process that also your clients should know.
  • There should be a person in charge of supervising if these processes are functioning correctly.
  • Learn from others processes, but create you owns. Your processes should not be necessarily equal as the ones of others businesses.
  • Even if you are not a big business think like them.

The greatness of your business is not given by what you sell, or how many employees you have, nor how big your facilities are. The greatness of your business is given by YOU.

In addition,

If there are areas that you do not know well or you you think there are tools that can help you but does not know them, search helps from experts. In conclusion. Do not limit, the result will be a business with BLACKOUTS.