About Us

About You Prism

We are a brand of developers, for developers!

For almost eight years we have developed platforms that automate, simplify and maximize processes for all types of businesses in different countries. Recently, we have decided to transform our brand and dedicate ourselves exclusively to supporting developers who do the type of work that we did during that time. 

Our mission:

Our goal is to help you simplify your work and for that, we offer tools that will help you improve your performance when developing your applications for any project you have in hand. We are also committed to contribute to your life with our knowledge by offering you a variety of resources for your benefit and helping you hand to hand with our service provided by development experts.

Our Vision:

We will work hard to become your partners in tech; those in whom you think first when you need assistance with all your needs. You Prism will become that that ally that understand all your needs and will make everything to support you, because at the end of the day we are and will continue being, a company of developers for developers!

Our Story

You Prism was registered as a DBA company, in 2013, under the name Edwin Castro; a collaborative agreement with his brother Irwing Castro. Both had jobs, meaning You Prism was just an ongoing slow goal. You Prism started to provide website development services and online publicity to companies, what today is known as Inbound Marketing.
In 2014, You Prism completes the first project, building a website. After that, the owners became Shopify Partners, but started looking for a solution that could help them to manage their future customer, that’s when Zoho CRM was discovered. They tried Zoho for a couple of months and realized that all the companies should have a CRM. They find out that Zoho was looking for partners, and not knowing what it meant, they became Zoho partners.
In 2015, they had an offered from a friend to present their knowledge, products, and services to a group of business woman in a seminar; that’s where everything started. They completed their first Zoho sale on December 2015.
During the year 2016, they kept on growing by becoming Paypal Certified Developers.
In 2019, You Prism is transforming from DBA to You Prism LLC. with a lot of growing expectations, desires, and a total new branding (image).
In 2020, and in response to the Global Pandemic situation, You Prism's management decided to become a fully remote work company until today and without plans of returning to an office. This is possible by using the same tools we sell that can keep us communicated without being physically together.
Recently, ending 2021 and beginning the 2022 You Prism decided to make the most significant change ever made. They became the company of developers from developers, specializing specifically with helping all types of developers in their projects.